Friday, March 25, 2011

Grey Knights Thought

I just played my first game with the new Grey Knight codex.  My initial observations are that they hit hard and fast, but die in droves to massed gunfire, which they should face often.  If you can keep them in combat where they belong, they can be hard to take out.  Mixing up the Nemesis Force weapons in a Strike Squad can make all the difference.  A good blend of Halberds and swords with a Demonhammer thrown in can be great.  The Storm Raven is incredible with the shear amount of weapons fire it can unleash, not to mention  its ability to drop off a squad of Paladins wherever you need them.  Speaking of Paladins, they were the biggest disappointment in the whole list when they got tar-pitted by a squad of Thousand Sons (don't let ANYONE tell you Thousand Sons are useless!).  The true MVP has to be the Vindicare assassin.  He started out slowly, missing his first two shots, but finished strong.  He immobilized or stunned a pair of Rhinos carrying my opponent's only surviving Troop choice towards my objective (I rolled a 22 and a 24 on the armor pen rolls).  That slowed him down enough for me to grab his objective with my last two Knights and roll a 3 to end the game in turn 6.    For most of the game, he was alone on my half of the board, holding the fort by himself.  I might try a pair of them next time...

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  1. Yeah, I wish I had been able to take the Storm Raven down, but my shooting only seemed to be golden against the Dreadnoughts and the tactical squads. If only there had been another turn to run those CSM to the objective, and Abaddon and his backup singers had actually done something other than being a diversion... Oh well - as Dr. Claw would say - next time Gadget, next time. Still was fun to go up against a new MEQ variant. You must add Jokaero to your list somehow, you must.