Friday, April 8, 2011

For I am the Pirate King!

So Yriel is merely a prince, but I'm going to love singing the Pirate King tune from Penzance during the campaign starting up at Gamers Sanctuary this Wednesday.  I might throw in Taco's "Naginta" song from "The League" to shake things up.  It is a 10 week affair with varied missions ending in a massive Apocalypse game.  Each participant builds a 4000 point army as a pool to select a weekly 1750 point list from.  Destroyed units (except for Troops) will be unavailable the following week.  With that in mind, I built a list full of redundancies, but without having to use the same models over and over again.  Best of all, I'll only have to proxy my Falcons as Fire Prisms and a Tempest Launcher for my Reaper Exarch.  Everything else will be WYSIWYG.  My only dilemma at the moment is a choice between five Warp Spiders or three Shining Spears.  I don't have the models for either, but I will be picking one of them up before I use them.  Which should I go for?  I've tried the Spiders twice, but neither time was very effective.  The Spears can be awesome against light vehicles and monstrous creatures, but with only three of them, how survivable could they be?  I need to submit my list Wednesday.  Thoughts?

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  1. Warp Spiders, mostly for rule of cool. Maybe consider a spinneret rifle on the exarch, anti-armor is always useful.