Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Solaris VII League

This is an amalgam of two scenarios I found on the Catalyst Demo Team forums, as well as some tweaking and poking of my own.  Enjoy!

1. The league would meet once a month (or more often, if players demand it).
2. Each meeting, players would engage in 2 Solaris VII style matches.  Each match will be 1 on 1 head-to-head "gladiator" combats.  Players will keep track of their win/loss record.  This will constitute the "regular season". 
3. The match-ups for each meeting will be based upon the number of participants.  Unless the number of players requires it, players will not be allowed to play the same opponent two weeks in a row.  This would encourage players to test their skills against as many other league members as possible.   
4. Special events will be held occasionally.  These may include, but are not limited to, Team Deathmatches, King of the Hill, and Royal Rumbles.  Challenge and Grudge matches will also be allowed after so many weeks (to be determined).
5.  After 16 “regular season” matches, players will enter into a Grand Tournament.  They will be seeded in a single elimination bracket format based upon their "regular season" record.

At the beginning of the league, players will be asked to create a character to represent them in the game.  That player will be given a pool of starting cash to purchase a Mech from the approved list below.  This league will use Mechs from the 3025 or 3039 Technical Readouts and begin in the year 3039.  Custom Mechs will not be allowed.  Additional technologies and new Mechs may also become available as the league progresses. 
After every league match, characters will be awarded Prize Money, Experience Points, and Reputation Points.  These may be spent between each league match, pending the approval of the Game Master. 
Players begin the league with 1 point of Edge.  A player may spend a point of edge to either re roll one of their own rolls or force their opponent to re roll one of theirs once per game.  Only one Edge point may be used on a single roll.  A player may have up to three Edge points saved up.  Once Edge is spent, it is gone for good (so make them count!). 
Characters will be given 10 Experience Points to purchase upgrades for their character upon creation.  An additional 2 points will be awarded to any player who develops an interesting creative back story for their character.  Players are encouraged to have the correct miniature to represent their Mech as well.  Players who use the appropriate miniature and have it painted (quality will not be a factor) will earn 1 Experience Point.  This bonus would apply whenever a character purchases a new Mech as well.  Characters earn 1 Experience Point for participating in a Battle, and 1 for defeating an opponent.  A character’s Gunnery and Piloting skills will advance automatically according to the following table:
Rank:   XP           P        G
1          10            5         4
2          20            4         4
3          30            4         3
4          40            3         3
5          50            3         2
6          60            2         2
7          70            2         1
8          80            1         1
9          90            1         0
10        100          0         0
Experience Points may be spent on the following skills at the cost listed:
Special Abilities:   (* denotes repeatable)                                                        Cost:
Attractive                     Increase Reputation by 2 Points                                              5
            Anti-Hero                    Popularity penalties for headshots, etc.                                    5
                                                count as bonuses instead.
Combat Sense                          Roll 3 Initiative Dice, keep best 2                                15
Cool Hand                   -2 Heat each turn                                                         5
Diehard                                    1 extra Pilot Hit,                                                           5
                                    Consciousness rolls +1
Dodge                          Opponents get +2 to hit with Physical attacks              10
Edge                            1 Extra Edge Card (may be taken twice)                                  10
Fast Healer                   Mechwarrior heals between sessions for free              5
Fisticuffs                     -2 to Punch attacks                                                      10
Jackpot!                       1,000,000 in new C-Bills                                             10
Kill Shot                      +1 to Critical hit attempts                                             10
Kip-Up                                    Stand from prone for 1MP                                           5
Loan                            Player is Loaned 100,000 per point of Reputation.      5
                                    Until this loan is paid off, half of a character’s
                                    earned money must be used to pay it back.  Only one
                                    loan may be taken at any time. 
Melee Specialist:          +1 to Melee Attack Rolls                                             10
                                    Does not stack with ‘Mech Tackle, ‘Mech Fu, or
‘Mech Fu:                    May perform a Kick in any facing.  -2 to kick and      10
                                    Death From Above attacks.
‘Mech Surgeon                        -10% to repair costs (May only be taken twice)                       5
‘Mech Tackle               +2 on Charge attacks                                                   10
Prone Leap                  Use Jump Jets from prone, -1 jumping MP                  10
                                    (requires Kip-Up)                                                       
Sidestep                       Lateral Shift  in Bipedal ‘Mech                                                5
Sniper                          Make aimed shots, as if with a Targeting                                 10
Computer, but without bonus. Pilot may not
move that turn. (lasers, ballistic only – 1 target)
                                    See Total Warfare rules for Aimed Shots
Spin Out                      Once per turn mat turn 2 hex facings for the               5
                                    Cost of 1.
Weapon Specialist       1 Specific Weapon type  gains -1 to hit.                                  10
                                    Cannot combine with Sniper.

Prize Money
·         Purse is divided between Winner (2/3) and Loser(1/3)
·         Purse is established by (Both ‘Mechs total Cost/2)
·         Weight Differential Bonus: Victor is also paid (Loser Tonnage/Victor Tonnage-1)*1,000,000 (Minimum 0)

Match Bonuses:
·         Pilots gain/lose Reputation points for various battlefield actions. At the end of the match, each pilot’s points are tallied, and cash bonuses are handed out (Reputation earned *100,000)

Players may choose to place a bet on any match currently being played (except their own).  They may place as much money on the match as they wish.  They must select one Mech in the match to win. 
Tonnage is equal or bet is on larger Mech                                            1:1
Bet on smaller Mech                                                                            1:1 (+.5 per 5 tons different)              
All bets are to be placed with the Game Master prior to the start of any match.
Spending Money
Players begin the Campaign with 3,000,000 in spending assets, and ownership of NO ‘Mechs.  They may purchase a new Mech at the cost listed.  They may sell any Mech in their possession for 50% of the listed value (25% if the Mech is destroyed). 

Repair and Refit Table
Repair Type Cost Notes
Armor Repairs                                                                         Free Sponsored by Devall’s Scrapyard
Ammo Reloads                                                                       Free Courtesy of Barrymore Munitions
Full Repairs:                Mech is not crippled or destroyed                    25.00% Of Base Cost
Full Repairs:                Mech is crippled                                              35.00% Of Base Cost
Full Repairs:                Mech is destroyed                                            45.00% Of Base Cost
Spot Repair:                 Internal Structure(instead of Full Repairs)      10.00% Per each Location.
This includes replacing an entire limb or Torso
Spot Repair:                 Critical Hit(instead of Full Repairs)                 $20,000.00 Per each Weapon
3.00% Per each Actuator
5.00% Per Engine or Gyro
$10,000.00 Any other Critical
MechWarrior healing                                                                           $50,000 Per each wound
Earning Reputation
Certain actions both in and out of combat may affect a Mechwarrior’s Reputation.
·         Gaining Reputation: (* denotes repeatable in same turn)
Combat Feat:                                                                           Reputation Points:
-       Punch to Head                                                                               2
-       Kick to Head                                                                                 -3
-       DFA (successful)                                                                           5
-       DFA (unsuccessful)                                                                                   3
-       Signature Kill Move (successful)                                                   5
-       Signature Kill Move (unsuccessful)                                                           -1
-       Through Armor Critical (confirmed)                                                          1
-       *20 points damage/round to one target                                          1
-       Gyro hit                                                                                         1
-       Engine hit                                                                                      1
-       Caused Ammo Explosion                                                              3
-       Charge (successful)                                                                                   2
-       Aimed Shot (head, successful)                                                      -5
-       Aimed Shot (other, successful, confirmed critical)                                    1
-       Melee Weapon Attack (successful)                                                            1
-       Melee Kill                                                                                      3
-       Solo Kill within 5 rounds                                                               2
-       Solo Kill within 10 rounds                                                             1
-       Firing on a Shutdown ‘Mech                                                          -3
-       Firing on an immobilized ‘Mech                                                    0
-       Firing on an unconscious pilot                                                       -3
-       Arm blown off                                                                              2
-       Leg blown off                                                                                3
-       Center Torso Cored Out                                                                 2
-       Using Opponent’s Limb as a Club (successfully)                          4

Signature Kill Move: To establish a Signature Kill move, a pilot must declare (prior to combat) intent to finish off his/her opponent in a specific manner in which he has finished off an opponent in a previous match. Once a Signature Kill is established, it cannot be changed.
Crowd Swell: For each 5 points of Reputation a Pilot has over his opponent, he can force the initiative one time. To do so, he announces that he is forcing the initiative BEFORE rolling initiative dice, and BOTH players verify that he has a crowd swell to burn.  Each use of Crowd Swell costs 5 Reputation points.
Reputation points can also be used to purchase membership to a Stable or Corporate Sponsorship.  Both provide the Mechwarrior with specific advantages.  A Mechwarrior is only allowed to join one Stable at a time, but may have up to two Sponsors.  In order to join a Stable, players must first declare which nation they are affiliated with. 
House Davion              Federated Suns (FS)
House Steiner              Lyran Alliance (LA)
House Kurita               Draconis Combine (DC)
House Marik                Free Worlds League (FLW)
House Liao                  Capellan Confederation (CC)
In a Grand Melee style game, players who are part of the same Stable may not attack each other unless there is no other Mech on the table.  Only two Mechwarriors may join the same Stable at any time.  There is no limit on the number of Mechwarriors each Sponsor may be affiliated with. 
Stable (House Affiliation)         Reputation Cost            Cost in C-Bills             Game Effects

Blackstar (Federated Suns)
15% to final Repair costs. 
Only Heavy or Assault Class Mechs may be used.
Blake's Castaways (Unaffiliated)
-1 To Hit other Stable-sponsored Mechs. 
Medium / Heavy-class Mech purchases at 25% below cost.
Cenotaph (Capellan Confederation)
+1 Fame to all solo kills. 
Gain free Edge card upon joining.
-10% to final Repair Costs.
DeLon (Draconis Combine)
Com Star Era Mechs may be purchased at 25% reduced cost. 
Fitzhugh (Free Worlds League)
-10% to final Repair Costs. 
+1 to Piloting Skill Roll’s (bonus). 
-1Fame for each MW Wound.
Galahad (Free Worlds League)
-1 To Hit with ranged weapons that do <9 points maximum damage.
May not attack opponent in the rear (Penalty: -2 Fame, 250,000 C-bills).
Gemini (Federated Suns)
-5 heat per round, 
No Mechs slower than 5/8.
Hombres (Unaffiliated)
-2 To Hit physical attacks. 
+20% to final Repair Costs.
Overlord (Lyran Alliance)
-1 To Hit for long-range attacks.
+10% to final Repair Costs.
Skye Tigers (Lyran Alliance)
-2 To Hit if target is a Fed Suns stable member.
+1 on all Piloting Skill Roll’s (bonus).
+1 To Hit on all Physical Attacks.
Tandrek (Capellan Confederation)
-2 To Hit for physical attacks.
May only use Medium / Heavy class Mechs.
Toranaga (Draconis Combine)
+1 Fame after successful melee weapon attack.
-1 Fame after sustaining 40 points of damage in a Phase.
Zellbriggen Co-Op (Unaffiliated)
+2 Fame for each solo kill. 
May only use Com Star Era mechs, but purchase these at 10% below cost.
May not make Physical Attacks.
Withdrawing from a Stable
All effects of previous Stable are lost. 
Player may not rejoin this Stable.
-5 Reputation points.

Sponsor Company               Reputation Cost                 C-Bills gained                  Game Effects

Barrymore Munitions (FWL)
-5% to Repair costs.
Devall's Scrapyard (U)
-5% to Repair costs.
Glass Tower Bank (CC)
Double any Loan Value.  Capellan Confederation only.
Matani's Mechs (U)
-20% purchase price on all Light Mechs.
-10% purchase price on all Medium Mechs.
-5% for final Repair costs.
Mech Sales (U)
Mech resale value is 75%.
+15% for final Repair costs.
Murdock Brokers (LA)
+1 EXP for every $1M in prize money gained in a Turn.
Lyran Alliance only.
OGS Productions (U)
+1 Reputation for successful Melee attacks. 
Free MechWarrior healing between battles. 
Tekshop (U)
-5% for final Repair costs. 
+10% to Mech purchase cost.
V.E.S.T. (U)
-10% for final Repair costs. 
+10% to Mech purchases.
Withdrawing from a Sponsor
Effects of previous Sponsor are lost.
-5 Reputation points.