Saturday, December 10, 2011

What have I gotten myself in to?

I have put repainting my Eldar stuff on hold for the moment.  Eventually I'd like to get all my older stuff repainted up to the standard I have now, but that is an endeavor for a new year.  I have a few units to tackle before the finish of Campaign: Eden at Gamers Sanctuary; some Dark Reapers and Harlequins mostly.  However, one daunting task will await me for the Apocalypse game at the end.

BEHOLD!  I finally gave in to peer pressure and bought myself a Forge World Revenant Titan with two Pulsars.  I was tired of being the only guy in our circle without some form of Apoc support.  Thanks again Muggins, Tau4eva, Brian, and Geneguard.  It came with two possible face plate options.  Let me know which one of the two you guys like most.  I am actually equally impressed and can't decide.

However, the biggest task at hand, and the one I am most looking forward to is the continuation of my Great Marine Repaint.  I finally have my first 1850 point force built and ready to paint.

The Star Phantoms lead by 9th Company Captain, Zhrukal Androcles.  The Terminators, Heavy Weapons,  and Scouts are all my old plastic models that need to be repainted (Privateer Press White goes over even the dark blue of my old stuff quite nicely.  It is now the only white primer I will use).  Aside from Sgt Tellion and two Marines with Melta Guns, the rest are all new plastic models.  I left the weapons off the Marines to have easy access to the details on the armor.  The Drop Pods are also in pieces for painting (It will be MUCH easier to paint them black and white if they are separate).  I've also magnetized both Sergeants to give them a choice of Combi Weapons.  The Land raider is also magnetized, but I still need a few parts to finish the other sponsons.  Of course, all of my Dreadnoughts are magnetized as well.  I now have four including this bad boy I also picked up from Forge World.

One Contemptor pattern dreadnought with Kheres pattern Assault Cannon and Power Fist.  Of course, a few magnets on this sweet model are a must.  I chose the Relic sarcophagus instead of the plain one because I loved the added detail.

The best thing about this guy was that it was essentially free!  That's right.  I paid something like $10 for it, when all was said and done.  After my Titan and a few Marine upgrade parts for Muggins, the total for my order was very close to Forge World's free shipping requirement.  The shipping cost was something like 30 Pounds.  However, by spending the same amount on the Dreadnought, I went over the free shipping mark, essentially getting the Dread for the cost of one of its arms!  Not bad at all.

I'll be dumping a few more Marine things I don't plan on keeping, but adding some serious artillery to continue the fluff of the Star Phantoms.  A pair of Whirlwinds, Thunderfire Cannons, and Vindicators are all on the docket.  I have the parts for a complete Assault Squad, a bucket of Terminators and Scouts, and a pair of Speeders to work on eventually, but they will wait until the Badab War campaign starts next spring.  Hopefully the wife won't mind taking care of the kids herself for a while...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Great Marine Repaint!

I've decided to give my Space Marines a big-boy paint job.  I'm abandoning my old Void Hounds to their fate in the Warp (Brother Hector has been perminantly assigned to the Deathwatch, so the gene seed will live on). 

Muggins has convinced me to take a look at the chapters from the Badab War book for inspiration, much as he did for his Mantis Warriors. 

We will likely be running a Badab War campaign at Gamers Sanctuary early in 2012, so we figured we'd get the ball rolling on that by taking chapters on opposite sides of the battle.  Because the Mantis Warriors are rebels, it was up to me to pick a loyalist chapter.  Bill's Salamanders will obviously be represented, so they were out.  I thought about the Carcharodons and their brutal Chapter Master, but the idea of Space Sharks was more rediculous than Space Wolves!  However, I have always been a Space Ghost fan!  The Star Phantoms have fluff I like (they're obsessed with death), tactics and loadouts I favor (Lots of melta and plas, prefer heavy weapons and Devastator squads, and use a lot of Drop Pods) and I've always wanted to paint a white army.  Besides, it was a Star Phantom Captain who shot Huron in the face with a melta gun!  How cool is that!  I painted up a test model last week. 

They look rather Storm Trooperish, but that just makes them cooler, if you ask me.  I just need to think of a basing scheme and I'm done.  It will likely be something that fits the campaign.  I'm in the middle of stripping all my vehicles and repriming them all white.  I'll get one of my Dreads done this week and post it here.  Thoughts?

Don't worry; my Eldar repaints are coming along nicely.  I have three more tanks and the guardians to do, but they all go quickly.  I'll have them ready for the tournament at GS in two weeks.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Monday Warmachine

With a slow week at work, I found myself with a TON of free time.  I managed to finish my Shining Spears for the August painting challenge at Gamers Sanctuary.

I also managed to finish my Stormclad and Captain Caine.

On Monday I was lucky enough to get in a game of Warmachine against Muggins from Fresh Coast 40K.  We settled on 35 points, Khador vs Cygnar.  We have both been trying to concentrate on getting more acquainted with a single Warcaster, Strakhov and Caine respectively.   The game started as most do, with both our forces advancing and the Casters buffing their units.  A few shots were taken in turn two by my Gun Mage Captain Adept and Caine against Muggins' Kazay assassins.  As luck would have it, they failed their Command check and stopped advancing, nullifying his attempt to outflank my forces.  The following Khador charge managed to destroy one of my Hunters and cripple the other significantly.  It also wipped out my Stormblades.  However, Caine was able to destroy the Great Bears and finish off the Doom Reavers using his feat in a single round of shooting.  However, that move left Strakhov a small windoe to make an assassination run on Caine.  He rolled three shots with his Riot Gun and added a fourth with Reinholt.  I thought I was doomed, especially after this was his first hit roll;

However, when his damage roll came up this;

I felt better.  He then promptly missed all three of his following Boosted attacks.  Caine's 17 Defense is just wrong.  At that point, the game was over.  Caine shot Strakhov to pieces, giving me the win.  Here are some more pics of the game.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Warmachine Lessons Learned

I was able to play a few games of Warmachine Sunday at a friend's house with a bunch of other guys.  Here are a few of the hard-knock lessons I picked up.

1. Cryx cheats.  Not really, but many of their rules are so different from the other factions that it feels like it some times.  My Cygnar are fairly straight forward; shoot and counter-punch.  Cryx have so many power combos, buffs and debuffs they can call on that it can be hard to follow.  More exposure to them on the table, as opposed to just reading the book, will help.

2. The wrong build can make your day difficult.  I had an eCaine gunmage list the first time around against his eSkarre, witches and Deathjack.  They held their own until Deathjack trampled my Black 13 and ate Caine.  The second game saw my eNemo lightning list against pGoreshade and a ton of Bane Thralls.  Every model in his force could have Stealth, effectively nullifying my shooting.  If I had the lists switched, I think things would have been much easier.  Deathjack's charge targets would be limited with Nemo's Polarity Field and Caine, the Gun Mage Adept and one of the Black 13 could have shot his stealthed Bane Thralls to pieces before they closed.  I think the two list tournament format is awesome.

3. Be careful how I use my casters.  both games ended because I left my caster too close to my opponent's forces.  They were ripe to be picked off.  I was trying to get Caine in position for an assassination run and ended up getting him eaten while Nemo should have used his Jacks as charge blockers more effectively.

4. On second thought, Cryx does cheat.

5. Pay attention to what your opponent can and CAN NOT do.  In the third game we played, a two on two between me and Brian and Adam and Jeremy, we tried setting up an assassination run with Caine by dragging Adam's Phoenix (which I HATE to face) into combat with a mass of Bane Thralls.  The Thralls had already attacked that turn, but he would have been locked in combat.  We decided not to because Adam could just use telekinesis to pull the Phoenix out of combat to charge Caine before my turn.  However, we didn't realize Rhan was out of range for his spells and that the Phoenix could not be used as an Arc Node while in combat.  Consequently, the Phoenix channeled a spell for Rhan that Slammed my Charger into Caine, knocking them both down, taking away his awesome def of 17. 

There is SO much to keep track of in Warmachine it is daunting.  One of these days I'll get it figured out. 


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Battle for the Candidus Callipus

Prince Yriel looked out across the bridge of the Candidus Callipus at the small strike force he had assembled.  The fight to the fire control station had been far too easy for his comfort.  The soft Mon Keigh manning the Hulk’s massive orbital batteries were no match for the silently whirring blades of the Striking Scorpion attachment he had tasked with leading the assault.  Within minutes his raiders would have the guns firing on the surface of Reth into the Imperial forces armored brigades massed outside the city of Caul.  Usually not one to give in to the intuition of others, Farseer Eth’El Ret was seldom wrong in his visions and Yriel had come to trust his judgment in such matters.  When Eth’El Ret told him it was crucial that the guns keep firing on the planet at all costs, Yriel chose not to tempt fate.  The rest of the Candidus Callipus would be ignored and the bridge would be held. 

“They are coming,” the Seer whispered to Yriel.  Seconds later, the echoing cacophony of massively armored Terminators storming through the halls of the ship began.  Silently, his warriors readied their weapons and moved into position.  The Dire Avengers would hold the bridge itself as long as possible while the Scorpions and Banshees took up positions at either entrance.  The Fire Dragons, their Fusion guns ideal for cutting through even the thickly armored Marines, took up position on the observation deck overlooking the fire control station.  With a silent grace belying their size, the pair of Wraithlords Eth’El Ret cryptically requested took firing positions along the narrow hallway from the engine room.  The ripping sound of the Marines cutting through bulkheads in distant chambers seemed to come from everywhere at once.  Gripping the Spear of Twilight tightly in his hands, Yriel joined the Banshees and prepared to give these foul smelling Mon Keigh a true accounting of the might of the Eldar.

Eth’El Ret nearly wept at the carnage on the bridge of the Candidous Callipus.  The brightly colored bodies of the twenty Dire Avengers assigned to man the weapon controls lay broken and bleeding throughout the bridge.  Here and there the dull grey and crimson of the Blood Wolves Terminators that tried to wrest it form them could be seen.  Most had been vaporized by close blasts from the Fire Dragon’s Fusion guns, and others had been literally broken in half by the massive Wraithbone warriors behind him.  Yriel himself was barely clinging to life, the mysterious energies of the Spear of Twilight sustaining him for better or worse.  The Hulk was undoubtedly back under the control of the Mon Keigh.  However, aside from a brief moment where the Marines had broken through the Avenger’s gun-line, the bridge remained in the hands of the Eldar.  Eth’El Ret had learned long ago not to question the purpose the strands of Fate had laid out for him.  He had faith that Fate would not have asked such a high price for nothing.  He might never know the reason for their actions, but he had faith that their actions on Reth were necessary.  Turning towards the escape shuttle attached to the emergency bulkhead, the few surviving Eldar gathered the collected Spirit Stones of their fallen comrades and abandoned the Hulk to its original owners. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eldar Codex thoughts

I've been finishing my Eldar army as much as possible so they look great on the Space Hulk table in our Apocalypse game today.  This got me thinking; the Eldar Codex is showing its age.  I know it isn't as old as the Necron Codex, but I don't play Necrons, so I can't gripe about them.  I started brainstorming about what I would like to see out of the next Eldar Codex.  here are five things I thought of.  Yes, they are a bit fanboyish, but so what.  This is MY blog.  If you don't like it, write your own.

1. Wave Serpents should be Assault Vehicles.  The Eldar are a highly mobile, close shooting, and assault based army.  Not having transports that Banshees or Harlequins can assault out of doesn't make sense for a "fast" army.

2. Phoenix Lords, Wraithlords, and Wraithguard need Invulnerable saves.  If your average Marine Captain gets a 4++ from an Iron Halo, why cant a Phoenix Lord, an ancient, godlike, immortal warrior have one as well?  Wraithlords and Wraithguard should get a 5++ like Terminators.  They are basically robots.  Their high toughness is great, but Power Weapons can wreck them too easily.  I wouldn't mind paying more for them either.

3.  Phoenix Lords should unlock their Aspect Warriors as Troops or at least make them scoring units.  I LOVE this trend in Codex construction.  Yes, the Aspects need to work together to be effective, but I'm not a power gamer.  I want to field nothing but Striking Scorpions with Karandras at the helm. 

4. Give me the rest of the Phoenix Lords.  Shining Spears and Warp Spiders aren't the most popular Aspects, but I am a completist. 

5. Bring in some of the Forge World units.  Shadow Spectres, Hornets, and Assault Walkers all would have a place in my army.  An HQ Wraithlord (who unlocks Wraithguard as Troops) would also be welcome with open arms.

One final plea to GW; PLEASE REDESIGN THE JET BIKE MODELS!  The Dark Eldar jet bikes are so sweet looking, I am on the verge of buying a ton of them and making them less evil looking.  The current Eldar bikes are very useful, but they are 3rd edition models.  They look frighteningly out of place in 5th edition.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Solaris VII League Ready to Launch

Last night I hosted the first Solaris VII League meeting at Gamers Sanctuary.  While a few players who will be participating in the league weren't able to make it, I had a few first timers show up for some pick-up Battletech.  The real thing kicks off next Thursday.  Until then, here are some pics from last night's impromptu three-on-three. 

Robo-Cop takes it in the rear from Jessica's Javelin.

Scott's Mongoose kept charging everything in sight.  He just ran up the hill at Adam's Valkyrie and...

...knocked them both flat on their backs.  Absolutely the highlight of the evening.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Never enough time...

Here's a quick look at my WIP box.  Some of this stuff has been there for weeks, while others are less than a day old.  I think I have issues closing...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cygnar marches!

Here's my nearly finished Cygnar battlegroup.  Some blue highlights and I'm done.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Warmachine thoughts

Phil, from Ruinous Powers, stopped by tonight to give Warmachine a second look.  We've tried it once before and enjoyed it, but never gave it another go.  He's feeling a little burned out (and disapointed) by 40K and GW at the moment, so we figured now was the time to be objective about Privateer Press and their product.  We each have a starter box (Cygnar for me and Khador for him) and played on my dining room table with only a few GW tree bases as terrain. 

First of all, I want to say that PP has a great thing going with their Warma/Hordes starter sets.  They are a great deal and provide a ton of great opportunities for games with just those models.  A few units, extra Jacks, and a different Warcaster and you can have a great force with little investment.  The models look great and are not too pricey. 

Anyway, the game went well with both of us fuddling through the rules, trying out new things, and exploring the units and their capabilities.  All in all I would say it was a great success.  Anything that motivates me to paint rather than grade papers is on to something.  Warmachine provides a great change of pace from 40K.  Will I ever replace it completely?  Never.  I'm a 40K and BT player first and foremost.  However, I will be adding to my Cygnar force in the future. 

Here are a few pics from tonight's game.

Stryker dropped his feat just before Sorscha dropped hers.  This turn should have been much worse for me.

My Ironclad emerged from the fray unscathed while Phil's Destroyer lined up a charge on Stryker.  Sorscha is hiding behind it after Stryker nearly blew her away.
Sorscha is slowing down the Ironclad and picking away at it, but the Destroyer is reduced to scrap by Stryker's Disruption and Boosted melee attacks. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

A few pics from Wednesday night

I have to give a shout out to Adam and Dustin from the Gamers Sanctuary Campaign.  They had, by far, the best looking game this week.  The sight of two complete and well-painted armies on the table can be awesome.  Judge for yourself:

The game ended in a draw, which meant that Adam's Blood Angels, who were defending their territory, took the win.  In fact, your's truely was the only Xenos win this week.  I had to make up for my embarrassing loss to Brian's mech BA list. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Solaris VII Approved Mech List 1

Mech Name
Cost in C-Bills
Flea FLE-4
Hornet HNT-151
Locust LCT-1V
Wasp WSP-1A
Stinger STG-3R
Thorn THE-S
Commando COM-2D
Mongoose MON-67
Falcon FLC-4N
Hermes HER-1A
Hussar HSR-300-D
Javelin JVN-10N
Spider SDR-5V
Urbanmech UM-R60
Valkyrie VLK-QA
Firestarter FS9-H
Jenner JR7-D
Ostscout OTT-7J
Panther PNT-9R
Wolfhound WLF-1
Assassin ASN-21
Cicada CDA-2A
Clint CLNT-2-3T
3,570, 579
Hermes II HER-2S
Sentinel STN-3K
Vulcan VL-2T
Whitworth WHT-1
Blackjack BJ-1
Hatchetman HCT-3F
Phoenix Hawk PHX-1
Vindicator VND-1R
Wyvern WVE-6N
Centurion CN9-A
Crab CRB-20
Enforcer ENF-4R
Hunchback HBK-4G
Trebuchet TBT-5N
Dervish DV-6M
Griffin GRF-1N
Kintaro KTO-18
Shadow Hawk SHD-2H
Scorpion SCP-1N
Wolverine WVR-6R
Champion CHP-2N
Dragon DRG-1N
Lancelot LNC25-02
Ostrock OSR-2C
Ostol OTL-4D
Quickdraw QKD-4G
Rifleman RFL-3N
Bombardier BMB-10D
Catapult CPLT-C1
Crusader CRD-3R
Jagermech JM6-S
Thunderbolt TDR-5S
Archer ARC-2R
Cataphract CTF-1X
Grasshopper GHR-5H
Guillotine GLT-4L
Warhammer WHM-6R
Black Knight BL-7-KNT
Flashman FLS-7K
Marauder MAD-3R
Orion ON1-K
Awesome AWS-8Q
Charger CGR-1A1
Goliath GOL-1H
Hatamoto-Chi HTM-26T
Thug THG-10E
Victor VTR-9B
Zeus ZEU-6S
Battlemaster BLR-1G
Longbow LGB-OW
Stalker STK-3F
Cyclops CP 10-Z
Daboku DCMS-MX90-D
Highlander HGN-733
Banshee BNC-3E
Atlas AS7-D
King Crab KGC-0000
Marauder II MAD-4A