Friday, March 11, 2011

Tournament prep

Now that the Avatar and his Farseer buddy are finished, I can look forward to their debuit at Gamers Sanctuary tomorrow.  Here is the list I am bringing:

The Avatar

10 Dire Avengers (Exarch w/ Bladestorm and dual Shuriken Catapaults)
10 Dire Avengers (Exarch w/ Defend and Diresword)
2 X 12 Guardians (Scatter Laser and Warlock w/ Conceal)

6 Fire Dragons (Exarch w/ Fire Pike, Crack Shot and Tank Hunter)
Wave Serpent (TL Bright Lances, Shuriken Cannon, and Spirit Stones)
6 Howling Banshees (Exarch w/ Executioner, Acrobatic, and War Shout)
Wave Serpent (TL Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon, and Spirit Stones)

Heavy Support:
2 X Fire Prisms (Spirit Stones)

1750 Points

In the several test games against Warmaster Phil from Ruinous Powers, this list has been amazing.  There are several custom missions for this tournament, and these guys have blown away my expectations.  The Guardians have been the MVPs each time.  The shear volume of fire they add to this army has turned the tide more often than  not.  Results to follow Sunday.


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