Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm On a Roll...

That's  two companies down for my Battletech demo kit.  Meet the Kell Hounds; a "mercenary" company in name only. 

I'm using Battle Force scale Mechs because I think they are actually a little more scale accurate to Classic Battletech.  A hex is supposed to equal 30 meters in game terms.  A standard Mech model is nearly two hexes high, but is supposed to range between 8 and 14 meters tall.  This looks more accurate on the table to me. 

I also have nearly finished the Avatar AND my Seer Council.  They'll definately be done for next weekend's tournament at GS.  Pics will go up when they are done.  I've already primed a Binary of Omni Mechs for some Jade Falcons.  However, the Storm Raven on my desk is calling my name...


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