Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to Drop Pod Assault

Welcome to Drop Pod Assault; a blog devoted to the hobby of wargaming in general, but with a focus on Warhammer 40K and Classic Battletech.  My intent with this site, other than feeding my own ego, is to provide gamers with an alternative to the classic wargaming blog.  Consequently, this will not be a site devoted to building tournament style lists, Mathhammer, or competitive gaming.  While I do enjoy these styles of play, I feel that the soul of our hobby is best experienced through casual play with one's friends. 
I'm going to get this out right off the bat; I am not much of a painter.  The phrase “Table Top Quality” and I are mere acquaintances, unfortunately.  However, I am trying to redouble my efforts in this area.  Hopefully, I will occasionally be able to share my learning process with you.  I feel this is an area where most bloggers miss the point.  Some of the guys out there are incredible painters and modelers.  Unfortunately, most of us will never get to that level.  What they lack is the perspective of an amateur.  They’ve gotten so good that they have forgotten how hard it can be to make these little plastic and metal men look remotely acceptable.  I hope to inspire those of you like me to stick with it and constantly improve our skills.
However, while I am not much of a painter, I did work as a hobby terrain builder for several years.  Occasionally I will be sharing some of my ideas and work in that area as well.  I’ve also experimented recently with making buildings and other scenic pieces out of “found” objects.   Raise your hand if you remember the old Rogue Trader deodorant speeder!
 I am a teacher and writer in my everyday life.  Hopefully, both of these will crop up from time to time here.  Tactics and strategy articles will show up occasionally, but they will not be a major focus of this blog.  There are plenty of great sites for that.  Instead I would like to showcase the casual side of the hobby.  When I play, win or lose, I want to have fun.  I also want to make sure that everyone I play with enjoys the game as much as I do.  I will be including articles for beginning gamers.  Spreading the word about our beloved hobby is something I have been doing since childhood, and I have no intentions of slowing down now.  In fact, part of the reason for this blog is to share one of my favorite games of my childhood, Classic Battletech, with the blogosphere.  While it will be had to topple the juggernaut that is Warhammer, my hope is that Battletech can make the same kind of dent that that upstart (and very well done) Warmachine has.
Be sure to tune in regularly because I hope to post something new every day.  Feel free at anytime to make comments, suggestions, or criticisms.  My only request is that we keep it all civil.  I am a stickler for polite language, so any swearing will be frowned upon.  Call it the teacher in me.  Game on, chummers!

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