Monday, February 28, 2011

Idle Hands...

Last week the models I ordered from Iron Wind Metals arrived.  They are part of their new scale of Classic Battletech models that are intended for Catalyst's Battletech Battle Force system.  It is to Battletech what Epic is to 40K; large scale engagements where one model represents an entire unit.  However, I think they look great as Classic Battletech models also. 

Here is a picture of the original Battletech model, the ever classic Atlas, next to its Battle Force equivalent.

These models will be available this summer in both Inner Sphere and Clan bundles.  The Battletech 25th anniversary boxed set will be coming to a retailer near you March 30th.  Look for your local CDT Agent to be hosting release parties and other events in a city near you.  Look me up if you live near Flint, MI.  I'll personally be running a few demos at Gamers Sanctuary, my local FLGS. 

Look for a step-by-step painting blog in the near future (What can I say?  These things have inspired me!)  It won't be long before the 1st Genyosha take the field to defend the honor of the Draconis Combine!


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