Friday, May 20, 2011

Warmachine thoughts

Phil, from Ruinous Powers, stopped by tonight to give Warmachine a second look.  We've tried it once before and enjoyed it, but never gave it another go.  He's feeling a little burned out (and disapointed) by 40K and GW at the moment, so we figured now was the time to be objective about Privateer Press and their product.  We each have a starter box (Cygnar for me and Khador for him) and played on my dining room table with only a few GW tree bases as terrain. 

First of all, I want to say that PP has a great thing going with their Warma/Hordes starter sets.  They are a great deal and provide a ton of great opportunities for games with just those models.  A few units, extra Jacks, and a different Warcaster and you can have a great force with little investment.  The models look great and are not too pricey. 

Anyway, the game went well with both of us fuddling through the rules, trying out new things, and exploring the units and their capabilities.  All in all I would say it was a great success.  Anything that motivates me to paint rather than grade papers is on to something.  Warmachine provides a great change of pace from 40K.  Will I ever replace it completely?  Never.  I'm a 40K and BT player first and foremost.  However, I will be adding to my Cygnar force in the future. 

Here are a few pics from tonight's game.

Stryker dropped his feat just before Sorscha dropped hers.  This turn should have been much worse for me.

My Ironclad emerged from the fray unscathed while Phil's Destroyer lined up a charge on Stryker.  Sorscha is hiding behind it after Stryker nearly blew her away.
Sorscha is slowing down the Ironclad and picking away at it, but the Destroyer is reduced to scrap by Stryker's Disruption and Boosted melee attacks. 


  1. Wow, betrayed is kind of strong, I'd go more with "disappointed" when it comes to GW as a company these days.
    However, Warmachine is looking like it's going to be a good break from 40K for a while. I'm pretty set on Cryx, and I like the way this game doesn't seem to have the same level of "derp" that some of the more bizarre 40K rules do. Once I get the hang of using focus points better, this seems like a pretty tactical skirmish game - which means I don't have to paint a bazillion models. Yay.

  2. Really nice looking paint jobs on those models!

  3. Phil is damn good. When he puts his "artist" cap on, it is humbling. My Cygnar only have simple base coats on them now. Seeing your Menoth Jacks has inspired me to keep painting my stuff.