Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I haven't been beaten that badly in ANY game in a very long time!  Tonight I played in the Devouring of Reth campaign at Gamers Sanctuary.  I was part of the Xenos forces attacking the planet.  This week, the Imperial forces were tasked with cutting the head off the snake and killing the Xenos HQs (the Surgical Strike Battle Mission from White Dwarf last year).  My opponent, a top tier player at GS, brought a Blood Angel list that, in my opinion, was damn near unstoppable. 

3 5 Man Assault Squads in Las/Plas Razorbacks
3 Baal Preds w/ Assault Cannons and Hvy Bolters
3 Vindicators
1 Furioso Dred
1 Furioso Librarian Dred

I put my Farseer in a Wave Serpent surrounded by Dire Avengers.  Normally, my Serpents are practically indestructible.  Unfortunately, my luck with then ran screaming from the table today.  In one round of shooting, my opponent destroyed the Serpent (with a single Las cannon shot), killed all the Avengers with Las, Plas, and a single Demolisher, hit the Farseer with two more direct hits from Demolishers (made both saves) and instant deathed him with an Assault Cannon.  The other Preds took out a Fire Prism for good Measure.  In one shooting phase he earned 10 kill points.  I managed to get one in my turn, but the game was over.  15 minutes after we set up, we were done. 

Just for good measure, we played the same mission in reverse.  It was a much better game, but a loss in the end.  His Vindicators missed 9 of 11 shots this time, but my attempts to end the game early with a bold charge by my Avengers failed to get through terrain.  I managed to kill the Librarian, but lost on Kill Points anyway.

I'm looking forward to next week where the Xenos go on the offensive using the Tyranid Wave Assault mission.


  1. This looks like a tough list to go up against, 3 Vindicators, 3 Predators (Fast Attack I guess?) and 3 Razorbacks and the two walkers means more tanks and armor on the table than some Imperial Guard players.

    Thinking about another unit of Fire Dragons?

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  3. They wouldn't have helped. I had to keep my Farseer alive and score more KP than him. However, he gets bonus points for killing my HQ depending on how fast he does it. In Turn 1 he got 6 bonus points. Add the 1 from the Serpent, 1 from the Avengers, 1 from the Farseer, and 1 more from a Fire Prism he absent-mindedly blew up with an Assault Cannon, and I was down 10-0 before my turn began. I was doomed from the start. In hindsight, the Xenos commander realized almost all of our lists were out-classed by that force. Dustin's Daemons might have had the best chance, but I wanted an opportunity to see what Brian had. Turns out, his kung-fu is STRONG!

  4. As for more Fire Dragons, I would ultimately like at least 10 of every aspect. However, I'd like to pick up the ones I don't have first. Spiders and Spears are next. The upgrades will wait until they are in plastic/resin.

  5. The battle mission allowed everything on the attackers side to start from only 24" away. I tailored the Blood Angel list to maximize 24" lethal firepower. It made for an horrific alpha-strike with much more limited return fire. The first game was not fun - but with the tables turned in the second game, it was great to go the distance with the Eldar on the attack!